What is Fireworks

Ever wanted to coordinate your own fireworks show?  Now you can while listening to music on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Fireworks is an interactive visualization program designed to run in tandem with your iTunes library. 

Fireworks also runs in solo mode, for users without an iTunes library or those who simply want to have fun lighting up the night sky.

Fireworks comes with the following features:

  1. *15 different locals around the globe (and 1 off planet) in which to satisfy your inner pyro.

  2. *Multiple burst shapes

  3. *Intuitive single-touch color selection

  4. *Automatic firework show

  5. *Scalable explosions and sparks

  6. *Striking sound effects


Fireworks also enables the user to rotate any given backdrop to allow for either more sky space for their fireworks, or more detail in their backdrop.  Just rotate the iPhone or iPod Touch to any side and the backdrop will reorient itself to the desired position.

To change the backdrop; firework size, density, sound; or to create an auto-show, press the information button in the bottom right corner of the screen while in upright portrait mode.

How Do I Control the Colors

If you decide to control the color of the fireworks yourself, touch the screen and hold your finger down for a second.  A color wheel will appear.  Pull your finger in the direction of the desired color before letting go.  The resulting firework will explode in the chosen color.  As you get more familiar with controlling the color wheel, you may opt not to hold down your finger for the full second; instead just touch the screen, quickly pull your finger in the chosen direction, and let go.  This quicker method still allows you to control the color of your fireworks, while skipping the color wheel itself.

How is Fireworks Played

Touch anywhere on the screen to get the show started.  It’s that easy.  Each time the screen is tapped a firework launches from the bottom of the screen to the point of contact and explodes. Single, direct touches to the screen cause the firework to explode in complimentary random colors.

What if I Want to Use Fireworks as a Visualizer for My iTunes

Before launching Fireworks, build a playlist in your iTunes library.  Then run the playlist and back out to the iPhone main menu.  Launch Fireworks.  While your music plays in the background, touch the screen in time with the rhythm to create your own fireworks show!  This can be really fun and challenging!  Remember that each firework is on a constant delay fuse, so if you want your fireworks to explode in time with the music it’s going to take a little skill and practice to time the detonations…but that’s half the fun!

Playing Without Music

Don’t want to play Fireworks to music?  Don’t have any?  No problem.  Run Fireworks normally without launching your iTunes.  Touch the information button in the lower right hand corner to get to the options screen.  Now turn the “Firework Sounds” option to “on.”  You’re done.  Now you can listen to the fireworks detonate in all their explosive glory!

What Kind of Music Should I Play

Fireworks can be especially fun when played to anything with a strong rhythm that gets your blood pumping; and while Pixio would never presume to tell our users what kind of music they ought to listen to and appreciate, we have put together a list of some of our favorite Fireworks tunes.

Pixio pix:

* Faithfully – JOURNEY

* The Great Escape – BOYS LIKE GIRLS

* Sweet Child o Mine – GUNS AND ROSES

* Starlight – MUSE

* La Grange – ZZ TOP



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