VoIP Communication

VoIP is really an office telephone for a company.

It’s an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which simply means that it converts voice signals into computer messages. It provides more communication options and functionality for your company to utilize.

With VoIP, companies have the ability to reduce their overall overhead costs.

The savings come from reducing the number of telemarketers that your company has to handle. Instead of having to hire people specifically to call your customers and potential clients, you now only have to pay for those who are part of your call management team. A majority of VoIP systems offer hosted IP telephony as well. With hosted IP telephony, all of your communication functions are managed by a single company. For added security, a majority of VoIP systems also offer integrated identity management.

Some of the features that you can experience from a VoIP phone service include: integrated call accounting, call distribution, auto attendant, call conferencing, call transfer, call waiting, call routing, and integrated voicemail. With all of these functions in place, you’ll discover that you have a significantly more robust tool for handling your telephone network. There is also a significant amount of bandwidth provided through this type of service. This allows you to manage more calls with less overall bandwidth.

One of the major benefits that companies enjoy with these types of VoIP services is the fact that they’re able to reduce overall telephone costs. They’re able to do this because they’re not paying for phone lines that aren’t even used. A majority of VoIP providers offer VoIP services that require little to no long-distance charges. They also typically offer unlimited calling plans which enables clients to receive unlimited calls wherever, whenever they desire.

Most VoIP providers offer SIP trunks which are a form of gateway whereby clients have access to their own private local area network. SIP trunks are like virtual phone systems whereby each device has its own IP number. When using SIP services, your communication is separated into different communication protocols such as IP telephony, Analog voice transmission, GPRS, and Bluetooth. The major difference between the various protocols is the way they handle voice.

Some of the main business features that a VoIP business phone system offers include call management, call routing, extension dialing, call transfer, conference automation, and seamless connectivity. You can easily track your calls, which means that you can monitor exactly how much time is spent on each particular line. You can also easily set reminders so that your employees can take care of their calls with the least amount of strain. You can also get automatic call distribution and find out who has picked up an abandoned call. VoIP also includes excellent call distribution features wherein you get the option to send different SMS to different contacts.

Most VoIP providers offer SIP trunks which enable users to connect to any internet-based VoIP service.

One of the main advantages of this type of business communication service is the ability to manage all incoming calls with one centralized location. As you can see, this type of phone system allows you to maximize the productivity of your workforce. The most popular SIP service in the market today is the ringCentral. With ringCentral, VoIP customers can get access to the same powerful features that they get from AT&T or Verizon.

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