What is IT Support?

IT Tech Support Services

IT support refers to various services that commercial entities offer to clients of different technological products or online services. In simple terms, IT support provides assistance regarding certain technical issues with a particular product or service, and not providing training, modification or provision of that product, or any other technical support services. There are many types of IT support services offered by various companies and organizations, and they can include software support, web hosting support, email support, system maintenance support and data recovery support. IT support services are provided by experts who specialize in different aspects of IT. Therefore, it is very important to choose an experienced and reputed IT support service provider who can offer customized and effective IT support solutions to all kinds of customers and businesses.

When hiring an IT professional or technician for support services, it is important to check out their qualifications, certifications, experience, knowledge and skills, as well as any affiliations or previous work experience that could prove useful in delivering IT support solutions. There are certain systems and components which are very critical to a company’s growth and progress and cannot be replaced, therefore a technician who has been hired for these systems and components must be highly knowledgeable about them and have the right skill set and physical ability to work with such components. A good technician can deliver quick and efficient solutions to any technical problems that may arise due to overuse or mis-use of the component or system. There are certain qualifications required to become a qualified IT technician or support specialist and are mentioned below:

IT technical support is often provided by third party vendors who specialize in particular technologies or programs. To become a qualified technician, one should possess the basic technical knowledge with regards to the software or hardware being supported. Some vendors offer training programs or provide on-the-job training or both, and one can acquire such training by enrolling in a relevant course. Other training options provided by IT support centers or specialized software or hardware manufacturers include self-study modules and tutorials, which typically last for a few months.

What Is an IT Technician and what do they do?

When IT support technicians handle support requests or problems, they require specific knowledge, skills and abilities in relation to the software or hardware being questioned. In order to become a qualified IT technician or support specialist, a person should possess at least the following qualifications: a high school diploma or GED; two years of general computer technology experience, preferably from a project-based position that allowing the individual the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in using the technologies; a Bachelor’s degree, including a minimum of three years of accredited computer technology courses, including one of the following: networking, servers, technology, information security, software, database, diagnostic techniques and others. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, IT technicians or support specialists may also participate in an approved apprenticeship program, attend college part time or complete a certificate program. IT certification is not required for most entry-level positions in IT support. To become certified, a person must successfully pass the CCNA or CCNP level 2 exam and pass an MCSE or MCSD exam.

IT support technicians are also required to undergo ongoing training to maintain their skill level. To qualify for this type of support position, technicians need to have at least a two-year degree in computer engineering, networking, software, troubleshooting or maintenance. A minimum of six months of on-the-job training is also required. Some specialty areas of IT support may require additional training for technicians to maintain their certification or qualification, depending on the field of work.

One of the jobs that IT support technicians perform is to repair or fix problems with computers, operating systems, servers and other hardware. The job can be performed by specialized IT techs, entry level IT technicians or by regular technicians who are hired to handle calls with customers or by management to help them train staff. Certified technicians are usually hired first because of their technical skills, although some businesses prefer to hire entry-level technicians as long as they have enough knowledge of their field. With a basic knowledge of computers, a technician is able to solve basic problems and may also be called upon to perform routine maintenance tasks. A tech level one support is required to be capable of documenting and reporting all system problems and emergencies.

What are the options for IT specialists

There are several types of jobs available as an IT support specialist. Large companies hire technicians to handle phone calls, email and other information technology issues. Small businesses and home offices usually hire IT support specialists to support networked computers, data breach incidents, software upgrades and new hardware installations. A technician may also be called upon to handle internal server issues or hardware problems that affect the productivity of a business. Some companies hire an IT support specialist to provide consultation services on specific technologies or to assist in planning business expansions and migrations.

Other duties that an IT support specialist may perform include helping with business development and helping the organization implement cost saving strategies. The professional may also be asked to train staff members on new technology or help them use current technologies effectively. Sometimes, the business support services specialist may be called upon to develop training programs for current employees or to help train new employees on a particular technology. The technician may be asked to train employees on IT security issues and may sometimes be asked to install virus protection software on all laptops and servers within the organization. The IT support specialist has a variety of responsibilities and is considered a key employee within an organization.