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Why The Mobile App Development Industry Should Forget All About Android KitKat

In an industry with growing demands, it is quite common for manufacturers to come up with developments and advancements which might enhance user experience. But such constant developments also lead to some unforgettable situations. Well, the industry that we are talking about is the App development industry, and the blunder that we are talking about is Android KitKat. So, we are going to list some reasons as to why we believe that the mobile app development industry should forget all about Android Kitkat.



Notifications and alerts are some of the essential features in a smartphone which people need to be getting without any interruption. In this scenario, if you are using android KitKat, then you cannot view notifications when the screen is blocked, and once you’re on a call, you cannot access anything else. Yes, that’s right. If you are talking to someone and want to take a note of something, then you will have to find another software.


Material Design

Material Design

You might be aware of Material Design and its features because you have been using Android 5.0. KitKat does not offer anything new in this regard, and the user interface lacks some power to a large extent. Your system needs to be able to support your needs and requirements, so we suggest you move on from Android Kitkat.




The amount of time that KitKat takes to get used to the kind of applications that you use and install will directly involve a waste of money. There are chances where you can ignore the other reasons, but you cannot ignore money, as it happens on a regular basis and the costs might amount to a lot. Overtime the wait and frustration might lead to a lot of problems, and you might even get stressed.




There are individual workers at the workplace who slow down the entire process and brings down the concept of efficiency. In the same manner, android, 4.4 brings down efficiency on so many levels that it makes the whole industry look like a joke. As users have been complaining from time to time about the functionality of KitKat, you know how inefficient 4.4 is.




There are highly capable smartphones that lose touch the moment you install KitKat in them. Your ‘phone’s features need to be in line with the kind of software that it’s running on. In this case, KitKat should be the last option that you need to consider because you will be fed up with your entire phone within a week’s time. Due to all these reasons, we firmly believe that the industry should move on 4.4 and go ahead and build better applications that meet consumer demands.