Flutter or React Native?

Coming to conclusions between two things can be one of the hardest decisions that you need to make in life. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of both the products, you will be puzzled about the outcome of your decision. In this same manner, people are confused between Flutter and React Native. So to help you out, we are going to list down some of the significant differences between these two.

The Introduction

Although you might be aware of these two by now, nothing can be started without a proper introduction. So in that context, Flutter is a portable UI toolkit for making natively compiled apps across desktops and mobile. On the other hand, React Native can be classified as a framework for building native applications using React. Right from the introduction, both these products might seem appealing. Flutter, which was developed by Google, was launched in December 2018 and React Native by Facebook came out way back in March 2015.



The mode and type of functionality play an essential role in any software, as users will be looking forward to faster and easier solutions. At this pace, applications which take less time will be the ideal ones that people look forward too. So coming to the performance, users have rated both these applications to be great. Yes, that’s right. With both of them being available as a free and open-source application, there are not many instances where one can complain about.


When it comes to the programming language, people’s preferences take over than what the manufacturer puts forward. With Flutter offering Dart and React Native coming with JavaScript, one will choose based upon the one they are most comfortable with. But when it comes to mobility and experience, JavaScript takes centre stage, as it has been around for long when compared to Dart. The ease of using might be better with JavaScript, as they know how to handle things.

Popularity In Terms of Apps

Since both these products have been around, we can compare them in terms of the number of applications that uses the same technology. Xianyu app from Alibaba, Hamilton Musical, Google Ads App are some of the things that were created using Flutter. They are quite efficient in terms of performance and people have not made complaints yet. On the other side, we are sure that you know the applications that were created using the help of React Native. Instagram, Facebook, Skype and Facebook Ads are some of the top applications that were created using React Native. So, if we are going to debate about popularity, then we have a clear winner. So choosing between these softwares will be based on the kind of applications that you are using and their performance rating.