Hybrid Mobile Application

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The advancement of technology has broken another barrier by unlocking universal compatibility for both native and web applications.

Native applications are developed for a specific platform such as Android or iOs, whereas the web applications are generalized for multiple platforms which can be operated by PCs, smartphones and even TVs, such as Netflix. The web applications are not installed locally but are made available to the users through browsers.

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The hybrid apps have several features. They can operate whether or not the device is connected. It can be integrated with a device’s file system. It is also compatible with web-based services. Most applications could be considered hybrid apps such as online banking services, online stores, and locally stored native apps, such as Microsoft Word.

Creating a hybrid app is required only when the app needs to perform the same as a website. To fulfil this requirement, a set of a properly written library of native codes is needed.

Hybrid applications have become a rule today rather an exception. It is being adopted by all the developers. It is the most efficient way for any company to provide their services to all platform users with a single code. Users today are using multiple devices and will need your services on all platforms.

Unlike native apps, hybrid apps do not completely support all the functionalities to be integrated at times. Besides this, hybrid apps exhibit various limitations:

App Fluidity – Hybrid apps can get slower in smaller devices. The animations and videos may take different time to load on different screens.

Animations – Animations are a major drawback on hybrid apps, and they are less fluid than the native apps. The speed of the animations reduces even more with added animations to the same page.