Mobile Application Testing Services

Smartphones is seen to be the fasted growing technology in the past two decades. We have witnessed a miraculous growth from binary screen to high-performance devices with touch display. Mobile phones have greatly impacted human lives like no other service. Today everyone has one or more smartphones and having an application for your business, which can find a place in those phones is never a bad idea. You need an application which can help you connect with your customers and communicate efficiently, and we at Pixio Tech will help you to do so.

Our team provides the best quality mobile application testing services and include:

Functional Testing – Inspects and verifies the functions of mobile application as specified by our clients during the designing and strategizing of the application.


Security Testing – Verify data integrity, storage issues and keep track of your input and activity logs. Keep your application secure from the virus threats and unwanted junk codes with regular optimization.


Compatibility Testing – Check your application’s compatibility with different platforms and browsers such as Android, iOS, and windows. Get the backward and forward system support by our team.

Usability Testing – Regular inspection of the UI with an inside team and customer reviews to clear out the bugs and slowing of an app.


Performance Testing- Access the responsiveness, operating capacity, scalability and readiness of your application and control the efficiency and loading time with best tools available.

We at Pixio Tech have extensive expertise in mobile app testing along with the best tools to ensure that your application runs smoothly in cost-effective measurements. We provide end-to-end testing services for mobiles and provide support for security, functionality, compatibility, usability and test automation across different devices, models, networks, locations, operating systems, and browsers to ensure that our clients have an efficient and effective application in all platforms and conditions.